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Rugging with Julie

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As you have probably heard or read by now, Julie and her husband have retired and passed along her business and knowledge to us - Gary and Donna McFarland at Dewberry Ridge.

We are thrilled with this new adventure. We have established a special place on our website for the rugs and supplies. It's called "RUGS FROM THE RIDGE".

Over the next few weeks, we will be migrating this website to our existing website

We are continuing to teach classes and have even added a few new and exciting classes for other rag rugs. You can see these classes on our website at the top Banner. Just click on CLASSES

Actually, all of Julie's products are already on our website. So, just make the change now and add to your list of favorite websites.

Don't worry if you forget and type in Julie's old website, we'll redirect you to the new one.

It's such a pleasure to work with Julie's customers and to get to know some of you. We hope you will give us a chance to continue to serve you and offer you a few surprises.

Until we meet again - Keep on Ruggin!

If you need to contact me, my email is donna@dewberryridge or by phone at 636-583-8112

I invented this headband at Silver Dollar City. You could also use
it as a belt. it's just the start of the oval rug, casting on and going back.

Edna Mae Hatfield, a street character, at Silver Dollar City,
is wearing the head band that I made.

This is a butterfly that I invented at Silver Dollar City. Make 2
small hearts and make a short oval start for the body. Whip stitch
them together.

This little 6 year old girl sat down and learned to rug at Silver
Dollar City in Branson, MO.

This little girl is picking out her "hot pot pad kit" after
learning how to make a rug.

Here I am on a cold day at Silver Dollar City. Wayne made the green satin scarf for me,
since I forgot mine at home. It's one of the few days that I moved into the booth..

It's very helpful when one learns and helps another. Shannon is in 8th grade and spent some time helping others in our booth.

Julie is posing with some of Silver Dollar City's favorites, Shorty (7feet
tall), and Terry Sanders, disguised as an old lady, in his 25th year of
entertaining folks.

This rug is 40" by 90" and weighs 12 pounds. The fabric to make it costs
$36.00 and it takes many hours and is not the easiest rug to make. Made by
Julie, 2005
This rug is 24" by 36" and takes 3 pounds of material and about 10
hours. Material costs $9.00 and finished rug costs $47.00

Wayne has the needle in his mouth because he's adding on more material. Toward the end it took over an hour to get around the rug once.
Wayne made this 6 1/2' by 7 1/2' rug in 3 months. It weighs 24 pounds, which is $72 in material. It's in our living room.

Grandchildren, Olivia, 6, and Jonathon, 11, learned to rug in the motorhome
when Grandma was visiting in Spring Grove, Illinois.

We are working in our booth at Silver Dollar City, Branson, Missouri.


Wayne and I received this trophy for 'Craftsman of the Year' at Silver
Dollar City, 2004. You know we are so proud of that!

Scandinavian Loop Weaving & Kits

The idea of "Scandinavian Loop Weaving" began long before America. In the Scandinavian countries, they made mittens and strainers. After migrating to America, rugs were needed for cold floors. Some wise woman adapted the pattern to her needs. She also kept her kids busy making rugs. Many older men tell the story of how they helped their mothers with this.

Another name for this is the "toothbrush rug". As civilization progressed, the needle was no longer made of bone or wood. Instead the bristles of a toothbrush were cut off and the handle whittled to a point.

We no longer make toothbrush needles, but have hand-crafted wooden needles made of walnut, oak, cedar sassafras or basswood. All needles are guaranteed, just send it back if you have any problems.

There are many projects you can make with Scandinavian Loop Weaving:

  • Rugs
  • Baskets
  • Wall hangings
  • Cat beds
  • Coasters
  • Casserole carriers
  • Toilet seat covers
  • And much more...

We give rug classes and demonstrations. A good way to start at home is with the "rug making kits" or "Seasonal Special".


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