A thousand words don’t attract as much as a few pictures. That’s why designers and graphic designers strive to make a beautiful site. With the graphic brief, you can see at a glance if your instructions have been followed.


Whether it is for a merchant site or an institutional site, the first step is to define what you want. The resulting specifications will be transformed by a designer into an easy-to-read visual. Once you validate the visual, a web developer will code it to create the site.


Owning a website is not enough to launch an activity such as an e-shop. You need a complete package to ensure visits and, above all, sales. A web agency must propose a responsive website design, a visual identity, a logo, etc…

It would not be profitable to use a web agency only for website creation. Indeed, it is a professional offering very rich services for SEO and SEM.

The advice of an experienced professional will give you a definite advantage in digital communication.

The opinion of search engines and your visitors counts a lot, that’s why you need a perfect website.

To decorate and identify your site, graphics such as logos and images play a key role.

Conceived on computer or captured, the images and videos of the pages have enriched the site. And it is this richness that will catch the attention of visitors.

Web writing allows you to push your site to the top by playing with concepts such as keywords, semantics, themes, internal links and blogs.

With their rich experience, the professionals of a web agency will know how to accompany you to get the best out of your website. Of course, your ideas are important, but the advice of the pros will help you to easily get visits. By trusting them, you can be sure to have a good place on Google via SEO. In addition, they will also know how to cultivate your media presence. Applications and software are not excluded, if the site audit shows that you need to strengthen your presence.

Finally, it is important to turn visits into buying action. Since many Internet users find the items they need on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) appropriate external links will increase your sales. The contact with customers through meshing and newsletters is also very important.

In e-marketing, the user experience is a non-negligible parameter. An Internet user will only fly over a site with a mediocre design, thinking that the owner of the site is neither serious nor passionate about his job.


Les designers et les développeurs mettent en place des animations qui s’alignent avec le mouvement de la souris, permettant ainsi de garder l’attention de l’internaute.


The user experience encompasses the entire experience of the Internet user in relation to what he encounters on the site: visual quality, readability of texts, ease of navigation…


Internet users are not very addicted to reading, videos… So that explain the service or the article in a clear and exciting way, are always appreciated.